Highlight of Our Key Impacts of our Implemented Programs

Highlight of Our Key Impacts of our implemented programs / Outcomes Achievements to Date in Eliminating HCP and Promoting Women Economic Empowerment and Sustainable Environment to Ensure Gender Equity

  • According to UNICEF Study in June 2008, FGM as a ritual has been totally abandon & has decrease by 97% as a practice in KTZWomen and girls are far more self-assertive and command far better respect and higher status in their communities today.
  • Visible social transformation has been observed in knowledge, attitude and practice of GBV’s and HCPs among Kembatta-Tembaro communities;
  • Marriageability status of uncircumcised girls is no more an issue as young men choose to marry uncircumcised ones;
  • GBVs like bridal abduction and widow inheritance are no more a threat to girls and others like, rape, polygamy, domestic violence have significantly decreased;
  • Women have recognized their entitlements in their communities; built confidence & have become active citizens;
  • Communities (men and women) are upholding the gains & stand firmly against the practices of FGM & other GBVs through enforcing their own social contracts;
  • The law enforcement bodies are upholding women’s rights-cases of GBV are increasingly reported by communities & perpetuators are criminalized- CWPUs and WAOs have enhanced capacity of delivering free legal aid and counseling to survivors of violence; 
  • Quite good number of house wives have educated themselves & assumed political positions at local & national levels;
  • Women have begun to developed confidence to say ‘NO’ to violence and making decisions that affect their lives.
  • Hundreds of thousands of girls have been spared from FGM and tens of thousands have organized themselves as uncut girls clubs becoming social forces to stop the cycle of violence and ensure their personal agency. Circumcisers have become activists of the movement against FGM and GBVs
  • Potter communities are increasingly securing their human entitlement and dignity as well as their rights of participating and benefiting from social services such as health and CBOs such as Idirs and Iqubs.
  • The potters have made their own social contracts to enhance their harmony with other communities
  • They totally stopped HCPs such as FGM and polygamy where they were the circumcisers in KTZ
  • Government Line Departments (LDs) are taking initiatives to mainstream gender in the efforts of development
  • People undergo VCT commonly and marriage without VCT is unacceptable in both Christian and Muslim institutions.
  • Community based care and support has become a trend and PLHA have engaged in self-supportive activities /schemes
  • KMG has contributed to the national and international efforts to combat HIV/AIDS and eliminate GBVs through piloting, deepening and training of CCE-CC.
  • The changes in new scale up areas like west Arsi, Guraghe and Gamogofa are even faster than ever. Communities and CBOs such as Shanacha of the West Arsi have declared their determinations to stop FGM, dowry and other forms of GBV.
  • Young men are marrying uncut girls without paying dowries; women are demanding their right to justice - in some areas like Boreda of Gamogofa zone courts have special days to address cases of GBV and providing service free of any charges
  • Women’s decision making at household level on issues such as number of children the family wants to have, ownership, use and control of property is significantly changing.
  • With enhanced participation and ownership of women and the community in general, more than 7million trees have been planted on the Mount Hambericho. This has enabled women to have easy access to water springs, grass and fire woods
  • Farmers around the mountain have been engaged in alternative income generation and benefiting from the revival of the bush to rear small ruminants
  • The lives of many mothers and children (95,454 since March 2007) have been saved, through the MCH center in Durame.
  • More than 17,000  households and youth (84.2%women including marginalized potters women) have been organized in different groups of income generation schemes including SACCOs(Saving and Credit Cooperatives) have ensured women’s capacity to secure livelihoods independent of men and say ‘no’ to violence winning shared decision making and  control of household assets with their spouses.
  • We have increased women’s and communities access to social services which had enabled girls to go to school and women’s participation in outdoor activities such as SACCOs.
  • Developing standard community mobilization tools & management strategies to scale up the best practices to other areas of the country and the continent too. 
  •  Many NGOs in Ethiopia and some countries of east and west Africa are adopting our community mobilization strategies to address similar problems
  • Based on our SPM (Strategic Plan Management) and OD (Organizational Development) study KMG Ethiopia has been steadily building its financial system, PME, program management capacity and preparing itself for the new role as a national player
  • KMG commands huge trust, respect and appreciation  among the communities  it works with
  • KMG Ethiopia has built strong reputation as a national resource base on grassroots community mobilization on HIV/AIDS, SRH (Sexual Reproductive Health), HCPs and GBVs
  • Government LDs in Kembatta-Tembaro, Wolayita and Gurage Zones and regional gov’t in the (Southern Nation Nationality People Regional State) SNNPRS widely recognize KMG’s work (text book)
  • KMG’s programs are well aligned with the Country’s Development policies, GTP(Growth and Transformation Plan) & MDGs (Millennium Development Goals)  
  • The strategic linkages that KMG created between ecology, economy and society allows it to operate under changing policy and legal environment. 

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